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Love国手丹医, one of the most beautiful and precious things in the world, can happen at any time and is all around us. Lovers try their best to make their love last forever and attaching locks to certain landmarks in specific areas is one of the most popular symbols of this. 爱情是世上最美好、最珍贵的存在nero8下载 ,无时不有,无处不在。恋人们都希望能够生生世世永结同心;于是,在特殊的地点悬挂一把同心锁,就成了一项传统。 We have picked out the top 10 places in the world to lock your love. Some of them are famous for their touching love stories. Others stand out for their amazing scenery. 本文选取了全球十处人气最高的悬挂同心锁的场所。这些地点或流传着缠绵悱恻的爱情故事,或以迷人的风光闻名于世。
#10 Pécs, Hungary #10 匈牙利,佩奇
Pécs, the fifth largest city of Hungary, is famous for its lock fence. It traces back to the 1980s. After the fence was covered with locks, similar lock fences have appeared in other places in the city. In order to curb the rampant placement of locks in other areas, officials had to build a new fence for locks, close to the original place. 佩奇是匈牙利的第五大城市。据说,20世纪80年代,挂同心锁的传统就始于佩奇的这个围栏。这个围栏被挂满同心锁之后我爱涿州论坛,该市的其他地方也出现了同心锁。为了遏制这种趋势,官方最终不得不在原来的围栏处建了一个新的围栏供人们挂锁。 #9 Prague曲阳影都, the Czech Republic #9 捷克共和国梦见找东西 ,布拉格
Prague, the capital of and the largest city in the Czech Republic, is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe刑侦大明 , after London, Paris, Istanbul and Rome. A small pedestrian bridge that crosses the Vlatva River in Prague is covered in padlocks. 布拉格是捷克共和国的首都,也是该国第一大城市。布拉格是欧洲最著名的旅游城市之一,仅次于伦敦、巴黎、伊斯坦布尔和罗马。这里,在离著名的查理大桥很近的地方,有一座小小的步行桥横跨伏尔塔瓦河支流,桥的围栏上挂着满满的同心锁,颇为壮观。 #8 London, England #8 英国,伦敦
Located in the eastern part of London, someone started to hang locks on a fence close to Shoreditch station. After that, more and more people went there and locked up their love, making the site a popular destination for lovers. 几年前,伦敦东部,肖尔迪奇站附近一片空地的栅栏上,有人开始在上面悬挂同心锁。后来,越来越多的情侣们来到这里,将自己爱情的象征锁在栅栏上,这里也就成为了伦敦一处恋爱胜地。 #7 Cinque Terre, Italy #7 意大利,五渔村
Metal wires with numerous love locks, attached by couples摩登龙争虎斗 , are suspended on the cliff road in Cinque. The road connects two fishing villages nearby. It used to be the place that young lovers from the villages went on dates. 五渔村情人径的悬崖上覆盖了一层金属网,金属网下悬挂了许多同心锁。这条情人径把里奥马哲雷和马纳罗拉这两个渔村连接起来,曾经是两个村子的小情侣们约会的场所。 #6 Moscow, Russia #6 俄罗斯,莫斯科
Moscow, the capital of Russia, is the political and cultural center of the country. The love lock trees on Luzhkov Bridge in the city attract lovers from all over the world. It was started with just one single tree, but as the number of locks increased rapidly, the trees have increased, making the bridge a popular place for love. 莫斯科是俄罗斯的首都,也是俄国的政治和文化中心。这里的卢日科夫桥上,有一排专供人们悬挂同心锁的金属树,吸引了世界各地的情侣们。起初,桥上的同心锁树只有一棵;后来因为锁越挂越多阿潼作品集 ,增加到了现在的一排。这座大桥也成为了莫斯科一处恋爱胜地。
#5 Verona, Italy #5 意大利,维罗纳
Verona, one of the oldest, most glorious and beautiful cities in Italy袁郡梅 , is well known as the setting for the Shakespearean tragedy Romeo and Juliet. Countless locks have been hung on the gate outside the balcony where Romeo pursued Juliet, reflecting people's desire for true love. 维罗纳是意大利最古老、最壮观美丽的城市之一。这里是莎士比亚著名的爱情悲剧《罗密欧与朱丽叶》的背景发生地。当年罗密欧追求朱丽叶的那个阳台赖文峰现状,如今外面的大门上已挂满了同心锁,反映出人们对真爱的向往。 #4 Montevideo, Uruguay #4 乌拉圭,蒙得维的亚
Montevideo is the capital and largest city of Uruguay. The city宫雍, which is known as a "vibrant, eclectic place with a rich cultural life朱户人家," is full of gorgeous and romantic attractions. The concentric lock fountain is one of the most romantic ones. A sign there says:"Lovers can carve their initials on a lock and put it in the fountain. If they can come back to the fountain together again, they will be in love forever." 蒙得维的亚是乌拉圭的首都,也是该国第一大城市王宛尘 。这座城市以“充满活力、兼容并蓄、文化生活丰富”而闻名于世,城中到处是浪漫迷人的景观。同心锁喷泉位于蒙得维的亚最繁华的街道之一,喷泉旁的牌子上写道:“一对情侣把两个人名字的首字母印到一把同心锁上,把同心锁放到喷泉里朱门嫡杀 ,如果这对情侣能再一起回到喷泉边avmemo ,他们的爱就能永远被锁住”。 #3 N Seoul Tower, South Korea #3 韩国,首尔

The N Seoul Tower, also known as the Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower, is the highest point in Seoul as well as one of the most visited attractions in the city. At 236m high, it offers visitors a view of the whole city. Every year, thousands of lovers lock their love here. It also has a special bin for you to throw the keys into. 南山公园首尔塔的观望台是首尔市的最高点,也是这座城市人气最高的观光点之一。首尔塔高236.7米,站在观望台上便能将整座城市的景色尽收眼底贾雨岚 。每年,成千上万的情侣们来到这里挂上同心锁,以之见证他们真诚的爱情卡朋特乐队 。另外,还有一个“爱的邮箱”可供存放钥匙。 #2 Huashan Mountain朱圣琴 , China #2 中国,华山
Huashan Mountain廊坊消费广场, one of the most famous mountains in China, features gorgeous views and breath-taking cliffs. However, what attracts so many lovers is because of its symbols of love such as the concentric locks on the fence and Lovers' Valley. 华山是中国的五岳之一,景色壮丽,但山势十分险峻。罗宏明 尽管如此,这里的金锁关、情人谷等浪漫景点仍然吸引了来自各地的情侣们。
#1 K?ln, Germany #1 德国,科隆
K?ln is the fourth largest city in Germany, and is also one of the most developed cities in the country. It boasts numerous well-known attractions such as K?lner Dom. It also features a landmark of love: colorful concentric locks on the fence of Hohenzollern Bridge. The locks weigh 2 tons and add to the weight of the bridge, so the administration company warned to discharge them. However, due to strong opposition from the public, the locks have been preserved. 科隆是德国第四大城市,也是该国最发达的城市之一,以科隆大教堂等著名景观闻名于世狡猾的爱 。这里也有一处爱情圣地——在科隆的霍恩佐伦大桥的围栏上,覆盖着五颜六色的同心锁,锁的重量竟高达两吨。因为同心锁太多,管理这座桥的公司曾威胁要把他们卸掉;但是公众的反对使得这些同心锁得以保全宗旭之 。